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Home Selling Guidelines


101 Ways to Successfully Sell Your Home

Today’s buyer wants a home that is in “move in” condition and they will walk away from a house that does not “show well” or is in poor condition,

just as fast as they’ll walk away from an overpriced property. Use these recommendations to assist in selling your home for the highest price and in the shortest timeframe.



  1. Plant grass
  2. Mow lawn
  3. Pull weeds
  4. Prune bushes, loose limbs and trees that distract from the home’s view
  5. Remove dead (or dying) shrubs
  6. Mulch flowerbeds and base of trees
  7. Repair the fence
  8. Clean and maintain walkways
  9. Make sure exterior lighting works properly
  10. Use large pots of flowers or green plants on the porch
  11. Repair cracks and reseal asphalt driveway
  12. In winter, clear snow and use ice melt on drive and walkways
  13. Repair broken/rotted trim and siding
  14. Replace missing shingles from the roof
  15. Clean, repair and replace gutters and downspouts
  16. Invest in a new doormat
  17. Consider “power washing” exterior, decks, walkways and drive
  18. Paint mailbox and post
  19. Clean windows and windowsills
  20. Paint everything that needs paint



  1. Clean all carpets, replace or pull if needed
  2. Remove any dated items; i.e. wallpaper, carpet and light fixtures
  3. Choose neutral colors for paint, carpet, etc.
  4. Repair dings in trim or cabinets
  5. Replace worn, discolored, damaged hardware; like doorknobs, hinges, etc.
  6. Clean all windows, including skylights
  7. Clean light fixtures and make sure in working order
  8. Repair or replace plumbing fixtures that are defective
  9. Hire a professional cleaning company to get the house sparkly clean
  10. Paint everything that needs paint
  11. Try to get rid of all clutter in house and garage
  12. Empty closets by 2/3 of total capacity
  13. Rent storage space for items that will be in the way
  14. Pack up collectibles
  15. Open all window coverings for as much natural light as possible
  16. Turn on every light in the house before a showing



  1. Entryway needs to be in near-perfect condition
  2. Front door should look freshly painted
  3. Replace door knobs and locks if not bright & shiny
  4. Polish floor
  5. Remove off-season clothing and other items from entry closet/hooks
  6. Disperse musty odor by adding bag of cedar chips



  1. Dust all surfaces
  2. Straighten coffee table, bookshelves, etc.
  3. Stow newspapers, magazines, games, videos and toys
  4. Mop/polish floor and vacuum rugs
  5. Vacuum stairs
  6. Wipe down baseboards
  7. Vacuum upholstered furniture and wipe down leather or vinyl
  8. Sweep fireplace
  9. Wipe down ceiling fan blades
  10. Water houseplants



  1. Mop the floor
  2. Clean the appliances to make them sparkle
  3. Clear items from countertops and cabinets
  4. Wipe down countertops and cabinets
  5. Clean sink
  6. Hide sponge, dishcloths and towels
  7. Grind lemon in garbage disposal to give fresh scent
  8. Replace old light bulbs to highest wattage and wipe out light fixtures
  9. Take out the trash
  10. Clear top of refrigerator
  11. Remove all photos/magnets from refrigerator and wipe down
  12. Take one or two leaves out of dining room table
  13. Remove any extra “company” chairs
  14. Add fresh or silk flowers as centerpiece to the dining room table



  1. Dust surfaces, including computer and keyboard
  2. Stow away files, preferably off-site
  3. Mop floor or vacuum rug
  4. Polish cabinets and woodwork
  5. Straighten desk



  1. Go through clothing, give away/sell anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear
  2. Pack away 2/3rd of items in closets, to give spacious appearance
  3. Remove one dressing table or bureau to show ample room space
  4. Get rid of all clutter
  5. Make bed to look as if it belongs at a hotel or Bed & Breakfast
  6. Add a light to the closet
  7. Leave nothing on the floor
  8. Remove unusual art, religious items or personal photos



  1. Clean off vanity
  2. Store personal care products
  3. Empty wastebasket
  4. Remove laundry
  5. Put out fresh towels
  6. Wipe down shelves in medicine cabinet
  7. Wash mirrors
  8. Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets
  9. Scrub the tub and shower
  10. Replace old shower curtains
  11. Clean and repair caulking
  12. Clean light fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs
  13. Put a drop of lavender essential oil on lightbulb to give relaxing scent



  1. Clear away clutter blocking furnace, electrical box, laundry facilities
  2. Donate anything leftover to goodwill
  3. Move the rest of the boxes to a storage unit to help area appear larger
  4. Tidy up and organize anything remaining
  5. Remove paint or stains on the floor
  6. Dispose of garbage
  7. If one car garage—leave car in driveway to appear spacious
  8. If two car garage—leave one car in, showing extra room available
  9. Add more light, a garage adds value!


One last piece of advice:

Don’t be at home during a showing—visit a coffeehouse or the local park.

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