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Home Buying Guidelines


Are you ready to buy a house?

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you'll make in your lifetime.

Here is some helpful advice:


  • If you have to resell soon, don't buy an unusual house.
  • Brand new homes may be lower in maintenance costs but can be higher in out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Even if the quality of the school district doesn't matter to you now, remember it might someday to another buyer.
  • There are no "perfect" homes.  Be ready to make compromises or concessions.  Know what is most important to you and give on things that aren't.
  • Supply and demand is a critical issue.  Be ready to move quickly when you find what you want.
  • Pay attention to floor plans.  Changing layouts and adding to an existing structure can be costly.
  • Imagine the home vacant.  Do not be swayed by decorating--the furnishings will go with the seller.
  • Vacant homes can distort your perception.  It may be a good idea to bring a tape measure to make sure your stuff will fit.
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage prior to making an offer.
  • Compare mortgage companies and evaluate their interest rates and fees.
  • Learn about the different loan programs available.
  • Be an educated buyer.  Learn as much as you can about the market before you buy.
  • Location, location, location.  Some things never change.
  • Buy the best home you can afford in the best neighborhood you can afford.  You are almost always better off with the least expensive home in the area rather than the most expensive.
  • Be alert to the original listing date of the properties you look at, sellers tend to be more flexible the longer the home has been on the market.
  • Be honest and open with your licensee.  She works for you and can best help you if she has a good understanding of your needs.  You'll know the right home for you when you see it and it will have little to do with logic--don't ask how that works, it just does!

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