Shawn Rogers

License#: 119126


What’s the Secret?

In order to sell your home, it needs to be showcased where the buyers are looking.

According to data collected by the National Board of REALTORS®, listings marketed with a strong online presence and shared among other licensees get the best results.




  Pricing Your Property

        What affects value?

For better or worse, the following factors impact the value of your home:


  • LOCATION: History is in charge
  • CONDITION: You are is in charge
  • PRICE: Market is in charge
  • COMPETITION: What is currently on the market and what has recently sold is in charge



            The Risk of Overpricing
One of the most important factors to selling your property is to make sure it is properly priced
Pricing your home too high is a sure way to stall a successful sale. You are free to price your home at any price you choose.
However, an honest real estate professional will tell you that overpricing a home can lead to serious problems, such as:


  • The right buyers will not see your property
  • It will take longer to sell and likely have many price adjustments You'll miss the pead and excitement of the "launch"
  • Even if a buyer is willing to pay more, if the appraised value isn't there, the buyer won't be able to get financing
  • Other licensees will use your property to sell their listings


                     First Impressions                 
                      When your property is introduced to the marketplace, it is immediately exposed to the backlog of buyers who have been looking for
             a home for days or months. It is important to be competitively priced during this high activity time.




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