Shawn Rogers

License#: 119126

Finding "The ONE"

Finding "The ONE"


Discovering the right home should be an exciting event.

As a Realty ONE Group sales professional, my commitment is to make your home search as stress—free and efficient for you as possible.


  • Indentifying up front what is affordable will save time & frustration.  It is important to consider the financial options available to you and begin the pre-approval process ASAP
  • After we go over your wants and needs, I'll search for properties currently on the market that meet your criteria. 
  • We'll plan for time to look at homes and neighborhoods.  I will schedule showing appointments for prospective properties.
  • Regardless of where you find a house that interests you (Zillow, Craigslist, For Sale By Owner, or real estate magazine), call me additional information. I can obtain important facts while saving time, hassle & duplicated effort.
  • If the seller or seller's licensee is at the property when you are, it would be best for you to limit your conversation with them regarding the property.
  • In order to help me find the right home for you, please share your thoughts about each property you see--the positives and the negatives. 
  • Time is of the essence. iI you see a property you like, don't hesitate to let me know ASAP.  I receive texts 24/7 and I'll respond as soon as I can!


The Offer

Determine the price you want to offer

  • The price the seller is asking may or not reflect realistic market value, I recommend you don't fall "in love" with a house until it records in your name.
  • I will help you determine current value by doing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) looking at properties in similiar size, location and age that are currently active or have sold within the past year. 
  • We take into consideration costs associated with purchasing this property and request a loan cost sheet from your lender.


Other important issues to consider...

  • Are there any items of personal property you would like the seller to consider including with the house?
  • Who will be preforming the home inspection?  I am happy to make recommendations.
  • Will you want to include a home warranty?  It's good for a year, separate from home insurance and can give peace of mind.  We can discuss the benefits and different packages available to you.
  • When do you want to take possession of the house?


Due Diligence 

  • The due diligence period is defined in the purchase & sales contract, allowing the buyer to discover all they can about the property before taking ownership.
  • Time is of the essence.  If you have doubts, they need to be addressed immediately.
  • Whenever new information is presented, the buyer gets time to review and decide if they want to continue with the purchase.
  • New information includes, but is not limited to; written property disclosures, inspection reports, title reports, and physical walkthroughs. 


Completing the Home Purchase  

  • The seller has three choices: accept, counter or reject the offer.
  • If there is a Counter Offer, the buyer can choose to accept, reject or counter it.
  • Once all documents are signed by both parties, we have a fully executed contract.  
  • The next step is scheduling the home inspection and finalizing the home loan.
  • Average time between the accepted offer and closing on the property is 45 days.
  • I maintain good communication with all parties to ensure the contract is followed, deadlines are met and there are no surprises.


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